Come Explore with Us!

Limitless Expeditions, LLC, was founded in 2014 to provide beginning STE(A)M (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) opportunities for students ages 9-12, of all backgrounds, who dream of a career in 21st century aeronautics. Our background in teaching, aircraft flight/mechanics, and passion for all things aerospace will ignite and fuel your child’s emerging interests.

Prepare them to soar, as we help launch their introductory sky’s-the-limit aerospace education!

Where Your Child’s Potential Takes Flight …

Aviation. Engineering. Robotics. Space. The possibilities and opportunities for your young person’s future are, well, without limits! To help them get there, Limitless Expeditions provides a stimulating real-world environment, with hands-on applications, tools and experiments for inquisitive students.

It’s our goal to provide every interested child the opportunity for boundless learning through our amazing Camp Expeditions.